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...and Jesus said, "Suffer the children, that they may come onto me."

So it was, in Ottawa in the spring of 1997. The dawning of Easter would bring about the catastrophic end to a courageous war with leukemia. The year leading up to the budding of flowers, the melting of snow, was a tumultuous campaign to reclaim a lifetime. Our Shawna had been sick for some time, and had spells of good health, where it seemed things might be ok. On Easter Day, Shawna passed on.

There are no imaginings sufficient in scope to understand the journey of losing one's own child. We can only cower in the face of such despair when the child is so close, so dear.

Shawna crammed a lifetime into 8 years, did so with a vigor, so that if it be true that the brightest stars shine the shortest, her mark would be a blinding light in the heavens.

I think of you often, I do.

Uncle Mike