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Originally posed to many alt. newsgroups in September 1996. Pulled from the alt.mothers archive found here.

Shawna Update - September 4, 1996 
Shawna Mathurin is a 6 yr old Ottawa-area (Kanata) girl, presently 
at the Hospital for sick children. She underwent a bone marrow 
transplant on August 15, 1996 at 8pm. Her mom, Tammy, is in Toronto 
with her. 

Shawna is presently receiving morphine and demerol to help with a 
series of ulcerative sores in her throat and mouth, common in this 
procedure after receiving several bouts of radiation. Constant 
vomiting is irritating the sores. She is fed intravenously only. 

She is also receiving anti-rejection drugs. The match they found 
for Shawna was not perfect, only meeting 5 of the 6 matching 
criteria. Shawna is in total isolation, cannot be touched, held 
or kissed by mom or relatives. Her feet are not permitted to 
touch the floor. 

Cell activity has been negligible since the BMT. Counts have gone up 
to a '3', only to fall back down to '0'. They are currently back up 
to '3'. 

Two weeks ago we reported Shawna's BMT and asked that folks send 
a card or note to Shawna wishing her well, in the hopes that this 
would cheer her up. We would like to thank Shawna's "angel" in 
Halifax, Nova Scotia. We ask that those of you who read please 
send Shawna a card. She is bored to tears, literally. Help us 
bring some smiles to this courageous little girl's face. She will 
be celebrating her 7th birthday on September 18, 1996, at the 
hospital no doubt. 

Also, there has been a webpage set up, without a counter, at (ed. now defunct)

that includes a special poem written for Shawna, and others like her, 
together with some links to Leukemia Resources and pages of other 
kids with successful, unsuccessful, and pending BMTs. Please feel free 
to pass the poem along to others. 

Shawna's Address is: 

Shawna Mathurin 
c/o Hospital for Sick Children 
555 University Avenue 
Floor 8b 
Toronto, Ontario 
M5G 1X8 
phone (416) 813-6915 (for verification of this post) 

Thanks to all. 

Christine & Mike Robinson (Aunt & Uncle)