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14 Sands Home

14 Sands

Little Girl
'I went to the park with my class today mommy,
we played on the swings and sang.
We jumped and clapped, played the whole afternoon,
'til the old school bell rang'

'I'm glad you had fun in the park, with your friends,
and I hope they had fun too.
Did you make it over to the sandbox my sweet?
Tell me, what else did you do?'

Little Girl
'We ran on the grass and yes, played in the sand.
We ran and played catch'me too.
And when we got back to our classroom?
I had 14 sands in my shoe.'

'We'll take them out of your shoe, my sweet,
when we get home from school.
Daddy's making your favorite supper.
Then maybe we'll drive to the pool'!

Little Girl
'I went to the park with my class today mommy
and guess what? I banged my knee.
The principal took me to the doctors, and you know?
He wants to talk to you and me.

'We ran some tests on your little girl mommy.
Seems she's not doing too well.
A matter of too many white cells inside.
Leukemia, she's in for a spell.'

Little Girl
'I went to the park with my class today mommy.
We played on the swings and sang tunes.
We jumped and clapped, and played in the sand.
I got 14 sands in my shoe.
Mommy, my friends asked about my tube.
The one they put medicine through.
Will the stuff they put in there make me better Mommy?
Is there anything else they can do?'

'My little girl, I really don't know
if the stuff they use makes you well.
We'll just have to wait and see, my sweet.
Only time will tell.'

Little Girl
'I couldn't go to the park today mommy.
I'm afraid I don't feel too good.
Maybe daddy will make me my favorite supper?
Then drive to the pool? We could.'

'I went to the park by myself today sweety.
The other kids were not playing today.
I'm sorry they couldn't make you better my sweet.
Your friends miss you. That's what they say.
I miss you too my sweet little girl.
I think of you often I do.
I've brought 14 sands home from the park today sweety.
I've put them in your shoe.'

Deep in Heaven. Until we meet again, Peace.
Uncle Mike